About Us

T. K. HAMANN is a top-management consultancy.

In the course of our projects, we pursue only approaches that reflect the specific situations and objectives of our clients in an optimal way.  We thoroughly assess our recommendations in regard to their beneficial impact and practicability.


Always directing our attention to applicability, T. K. HAMANN generates new knowledge and develops innovative approaches—based on highest international scientific standards.  Therefore, we are commonly perceived as thought leaders in our spheres of action.

Typically, we work very closely together with various experts in their respective fields.  This allows us to provide exactly the capabilities that are required to ensure maximum success of our projects.  Furthermore, the consultants we deploy boast outstanding wealth of practical experience and seniority.


Our major concern is maximizing the performance capability of our clients.  We achieve this by strictly adhering to our values.


For the 5th time in a row, we are ranked among the best management consultants, especially for the following industry sectors and functional areas:

The 2024 ranking is based on the responses of 1,687 consultant colleagues (partners and principals) and a total of 1,743 clients (senior executives such as heads of strategy and business development at DAX, M-, S- and Tec-DAX companies) who have worked with a management consultancy in the past four years.  The ranking is compiled annually by the business magazine brand eins and the data portal statista.

Our Values

Increasing Performance Capability

By combining precision with focus on integrity and increases in sustainable value, maximum performance capability can be achieved—for both clients and consultants. Our main concern is to sustainably improve our clients’ performance capability and competitiveness; this is why we rely on an exchange of expertise and methodological know-how based on intense cooperation with our clients. We draw on creative and unconventional approaches that can be characterized by a systematic recombination of varied elements from different professional fields.

Sustainably Increasing Value

In our recommendations we put the highest emphasis on their long-term impact on value; because of this we always look for and analyze unintended side effects and never sacrifice long-term future robustness for short-term successes. This requires holistic reflections that we implement through our highly-interdisciplinary approach and by considering different perspectives. Irrespective of currently ‘trendy’ topics, we focus on long-term consequences, identify future challenges in good time, and articulate strategies that are built upon these considerations into specific measures that can easily be implemented in daily business.

Being Precise

Our work results are distinguished by the highest quality at all times. We adhere to scientific principles and take the latest scientific insights into account. At the same time, we always keep sight of their relevance and usefulness in practice. Our statements and recommendations are clear, not sugarcoated, and critically-assessed with respect to their feasibility—a ‘no nonsense’ approach.

Behaving with Integrity

Utmost discretion and the highest professional behavior are deeply ingrained in our DNA. We put the interests of our clients above our own (‘client first’). Nevertheless, this does not mean we tell them what they want to hear, but stand firmly behind our independent opinion—in the best interest of the client. We avoid any kinds of conflicts of interests, e.g. accepting similar projects for a competitor of one of our clients.

Cooperation Partners

Interdisciplinary cooperation between high-caliber specialists in their respective fields of expertise becomes more and more important.

Experts in the Testing, Inspection & Certification (TIC) sector

Strategic information service provider with a focus on the political environment

M&A consultancy focusing mainly on the sellers’ profound preparation of corporate divestures


Expert on data management, digital communication, and lead generation

Competence in lightweight construction with composite materials such as carbon composites


Experts in building and maintaining brands



Specialist in visual design, design management, and marketing



Provider for automated AI-based analysis of unstructured texts to generate customer insights

Executive leadership coach

Expert in best-practice market research, brand positioning, and brand storytelling

Curated global network of senior management consulting professionals

Digital innovation company with profound professional and technical competences

Experts on computer vision and deep learning

A group of thinkers for (digital) transformation


Specialists in lightweight design and carbon composites

Specialists in using and integrating IT solutions to  develop customer relationships

Experts on computer vision and deep learning

A group of thinkers for (digital) transformation


Specialists in lightweight design and carbon composites

A group of thinkers for (digital) transformation