Automotive & Mobility

Conducting Industry Trend Analyses and Market Study for an Asian EV Brand Preparing Their Entry in Global Markets


The client pursues a vision to become a globally recognized electric vehicle brand and hence announced the launch of new vehicles in various foreign markets


They are currently establishing R&D centers outside their home country in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific


Need to answer the following key questions:

Problem-Solving Approach

Conducting extensive desk research


Supplementing the secondary data with 20 semi-structured interviews with international experts


Compiling a comprehensive report along the following subjects:


Disruptive megatrends and other trends as well as their impact on the overall industry and the client identified and comprehensively described


Deep understanding of the current and future R&D activities of (potential) competitor developed


Customer demands, purchase behavior, market characteristics, and strengths and weaknesses of already available electric vehicles in the relevant regions/countries analyzed


Recommendations for the client regarding their future product strategy and R&D agenda derived