Automotive & Mobility

Developing a CO₂ Strategy for a Manufacturer of Premium Cars


Requisite to take CO₂ emissions more into consideration as a key impetus for the product/engine strategy due to considerable changes in customer behavior and legal requirements


Endorsement of the so far dominant technology orientation with a stronger market focus


Need for an interdisciplinary integration of the marketing & sales and the research & development departments to allow for achieving sustainable and company-wide accepted results

Problem-Solving Approach

Conducting a driver and trend analysis with respect to legislation, customer behavior, competition, and total cost of ownership (TCO) for the main markets


Formulating various scenarios based on the driver and trend analysis to determine the potential future development of the markets and the concomitant sales volume


Identifying strategic courses of action, especially to secure the planned sales and revenues


Prioritizing the courses of action with respect to their relevance for reaching the pre-set objectives


Describing the cross-departmental CO₂ strategy in an operating model that allows the realization based on new responsibilities and roles along the relevant processes


Developing an implementation plan


Clear understanding of the legal and market requirements in addition to the globally relevant trends with relevance to CO₂ emissions


Viable basis for decisions related to the product strategy laid


CO₂ issues firmly incorporated in the product-strategy development process by establishing a CO₂ steering committee