Elaborating a Technology Roadmap for a Core Shell Rubber (CSR) Dispersion for Composite Materials


Generating an understanding of how a product (a CSR dispersion)—already developed by the client, a specialty chemicals company, and successfully introduced to certain markets (epoxy adhesives, aerospace sector)—can now be marketed in the global automotive industry

Problem-Solving Approach

Joining forces with one of our cooperation partners, a technology consulting and engineering company, with strong expertise in technical and fiber-reinforced plastics (GFRP and CFRP)


Conducting a material evaluation with respect to processability and performance of the parts produced


Conducting a market, competitor and customer analysis


Automotive lightweight potential evaluated, a list of relevant applications compiled, and suitable automotive parts prioritized


Results of technological tests documented regarding:

Processing assessment conducted


Lightweight cost roughly assessed


Current and future market volume by segments and regions computed


Market attractiveness roughly assessed


Key competitors identified and their relevant activities summarized in a fact sheet


Customer requirements roughly ascertained based on telephone interviews