Automotive & Mobility

Evaluating the Opportunities in the Field of Urban Air Mobility for an Aerospace Company


Requirement of a sound basis for the decision-making on setting up an Urban Air Mobility business


Uncertainty about the arising market opportunities and possibilities for their profitable realization on the part of the client

Problem-Solving Approach

Cooperating with a technology consultancy with in-depth expertise and experience in the areas of lightweight construction as well as carbon composite and glass-fiber reinforced materials


Evaluating the current situation:

Listening to the voice of the customer: conducting interviews with (potential) customers


Deriving specific measures


Short-, medium- and long-term market opportunities identified against the background of the client’s specific situation


Maturity-level matrix for relevant technologies created


Possible scenarios regarding product/service offering and production defined for client


Action plan for further action, in particular for building up relevant competencies, developed