Automotive & Mobility

Identifying and Evaluating Potential Applications of Opto-Electronic Technologies for Future Mobility Solutions


A technology startup, managed as a wholly owned subsidiary of a leading international technology company, has developed and started to commercialize optoelectronic solutions for applications in various industries such as automotive and mobility, consumer goods, and building and home automation

In the automotive and mobility sector, the client is driving the commercialization of the technology with a focus on passenger cars.  Now, the horizon is expanding to include other mobility-related applications to create more lucrative business opportunities

Problem-Solving Approach

Performing a rough assessment of the identified applications for various modes of transportation and—if relevant to mobility—real estate, based on potential for success and feasibility


Illustrating the pre-prioritized applications as use cases (intermodal if applicable)


Presenting and discussing these use cases in a workshop to collaboratively select the top applications for further development (including discussion of potential technology solutions)


Longlist of possible applications systematically compiled


Application areas evaluated and prioritized


Use cases along the customer journey defined, described, and discussed


Concrete possibilities for the technical realization discussed in a workshop