Conceptualizing and Introducing a Performance-Management System


How to continue the efforts on improving the effectiveness and efficiency that were carried out in several cost-reduction programs with the aid of external consultants?


Conceptualization, introduction and fixing a performance-management-system incl. continuous improvement process (CIP) at a shared-services center of a specialty-chemicals group with ca. 1,800 employees in 14 service departments and approximately 400 mn EUR of total revenue (ca. 35% externally earned)

Problem-Solving Approach

Introducing a performance-management concept highly proven in the automotive industry incl. organizing an experience exchange with other companies from the automotive and industrial-goods sectors


Performance cockpit:

Continuous improvement process:

Performance and innovation culture:


Performance-management concept adapted to the client-specific needs and comprehensively documented


Client employees informed, mobilized, and introduced to the concept


Performance management extensively introduced and organizationally fixed after the successful pilot in 4 service departments within the scope of the project in 2011


On average an efficiency increase of 5.4% per year achieved and a broad range of measures successfully implemented to enhance the effectiveness and the satisfaction of internal and external customers