Private Equity

Conducting a Commercial Due Diligence in the Facility Management Sector for a European Private Equity Firm


Opportunity to acquire a supra-regional provider of property management services


Indication of acquisition interest by the client, a private equity firm, to complement the existing portfolio in a value-enhancing way


Request to submit a non-binding offer in order to enter into exclusive negotiations and the related continuation of the due diligence process


Evaluation of the benefits arising from a possible acquisition of the target company along the following aspects:

Problem-Solving Approach

Conducting research and data analyses to test various core hypotheses regarding the attractiveness of the target company, especially with respect to:

Identifying the strategic key questions based on observable archetypical strategies pursued by competitors of the target company, in particular about:

Describing and discussing archetypal strategies through case studies of outstanding competitors


First rough assessment of the attractiveness of the target company prepared and presented


Critical points, but no ‘red flags’ addressed


Non-binding bid submitted by the client (potential buyer) to the sell side with the aim of exclusive negotiations


Negotiation process—and thus also the due diligence—terminated by the seller in favor of another co-bidder