Automotive & Mobility

Developing a Growth Strategy for a German Premium Automotive OEM


How can innovative product offerings and a better market coverage help to achieve profitable growth?

Problem-Solving Approach

Market/customer segmentation and analysis of the product positioning:

  • Carrying out a factor and cluster analysis by drawing on NCBS-/NVES data (New Car Buyer Survey/New Vehicle Experience Study) for the most important triad markets in order to identify buying factors and customer segments
  • Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s and their competitors’ product portfolios
  • Identifying and assessing market niches

Rough economic feasibility study:

  • Defining scenarios with respect to sales (incl. substitution effects)
  • Preparing the business case

Development of a detailed concepts for a new model range:

  • Defining the target positioning, evaluating the fit between the client’s brands and the target positioning
  • Evaluating and selecting alternative brands
  • Deriving the key characteristics of the new model range
  • Refining the business case

Developing the product strategy and product profiles for the new vehicles:

  • Determining the platform strategy for the new model range
  • Designing the business model
  • Ascertaining the product requirements/functional specifications

New vehicle segment established that attracted in the meanwhile other competitors for entry


More than 170,000 vehicles of the first generation worldwide sold by the client


Model range extended by additional models due to the big success