Testing, Inspection & Certification (TIC)

Developing a Growth Strategy for an International TIC Corporation


How can the preliminary work on strategy development—carried out by the client on their own by each and every of their business units separately in a bottom-up approach and in different formats—be consolidated to a consistent growth strategy on corporate level?

Problem-Solving Approach

Conceptually aligning and amending the preliminary work regarding the different business-unit strategies by setting a standardized structure of analyses


Supporting the executing analyses that allow for comparisons between the business units:

Supporting the board members by consolidating the business-unit strategies to a consistent overall growth strategy on corporate level


Business-unit strategies revised and overall strategy developed and approved by the top-management team


Overall strategy presented by the CEO to the supervisory board and approved by them with a slight reduction in the ambitious but realistic objectives


Revenue increased by 35% during the five years after the completion of the project