Automotive & Mobility

Developing an Innovative Sales and Service Concept for an Automotive OEM


Traditional business models of an OEM pressurized by changing customer requirements and significantly increasing costs evoked by alternative powertrains


How should the ideal design of a new sales and service model for a new ‘megacity vehicle’ look like?


How can new target groups be unlocked in order to exploit additional sales potential along the product life cycle?


Need to reduce the sales and service costs far below the current level

Problem-Solving Approach

Analyzing existing—sometimes weakly developed—social trends to understand future customer demands


Systematically identifying and assessing best practices within and beyond the industry boundaries in addition to further incitements


Segmenting the target customers


Developing alternative concepts for the new sales and service model, especially with respect to processes and retail formats along each target group’s customer journey


Describing all relevant processes in detail and deriving the required resources


Evaluating the customer benefit for the various possible customer touchpoints along all sales and service processes


Selecting the elements of the to-be concept based on a comprehensive business case incl. sales, cost, and revenue levers as well as based on the customer-value assessment


Joint venture between the client and a business partner initiated in order to jointly establish a car-sharing offering (already realized now)


New processes, roles, and retail-formats (e.g. tailor-made showroom concepts) piloted in selected test markets and meanwhile fully implemented


Sales and services costs significantly reduced


New approaches successfully transferred to the client’s core brand by a huge worldwide corporate program