Developing and Reviewing a Business Case for Innovative Electro-Optic Applications


The client has developed and started to commercialize electro-optic solutions for applications in various industries like automotive, consumer goods, and building technology and home automation


In order to roughly assess the economic benefits of the planned approach for the clients and their (potential) customers, initial stages of a business case were developed based on certain key metrics


Core objectives against this background:

Problem-Solving Approach

Ensuring a basic understanding of the underlying technology and systematic review of existing prior work


Examining and gradually further refining the business case through an iterative approach in close coordination with the relevant contacts (e.g. Senior Business Development Managers, Controlling):


Relevant data along a standard calculation scheme collected or critically assessed


File with calculations for prioritized customer projects developed


Foundation created for economic negotiations with customers and for management decisions (e.g. on license fees)


Transparency created regarding the overall economic viability of the commercialization of electro-optic technology by the client


Business case comprehensively documented, so that client contacts could easily expand the file to include other customers/projects