Establishing a Business-Plan Competition in Austria: ‘ideas to business’


Enhancing the technologically innovative strength of the Austrian economy by promoting start-up companies

Problem-Solving Approach

Joining the forces of private companies and organizations under public law as sponsors of the initiative


Organizing a business-plan competition to support technology-based business ideas:

  • Defining the concept/setup of the competition
  • Mobilizing a strong network by winning partners/sponsors/promoters
  • Preparing materials for documentation and advertising purposes incl. TV spot, planning and conducting events (e.g. kickoff/road-show events, coaching evenings, ‘coaching the coaches’, price award ceremonies)
  • Providing expert assessments for submitted business plans

In the first year: 134 business ideas received and 58 business plans completed


2016: Almost 18,000 website visits on average per month (; 395 specific business ideas recorded, 230 business plans qualified for the competition


i2b Austria-wide well established as an initiative that enhances the preparation of business concepts and plannings in written form


Actually, a considerable number of start-ups successfully founded