Facilitating an Operational Excellence Program at an Airline Group


Strong need to increase the operational stability in order to avoid negative impacts on the financial position and reputation


Obligation to work on the improvement activities that the airlines committed to at the Aviation Summit in 2018


Resolving operational issues along passenger, crew and aircraft journeys caused by the complexity due to complex network operations with many parties involved


Coordinating local initiatives already started and run by regional units


Realizing short-term effects by:

Problem-Solving Approach

Orchestrating existing and new initiatives in addition to accelerating implementation of measures initiated by local projects


Aiding workstream activities (e.g. generating and testing measures in order to improve the punctuality of the first flights of the day)


Enabling full transparency and tracking progress along key performance indicators with respect to passengers, employees, and other stakeholders


Fitting in with a cross-functional control unit set up by the client


Integrating all stakeholders and enhancing decision-making in relevant councils such as the ‘Operational Excellence Board’ or the executive board


Reinforcing commitment, dedication, and attitude of the client’s senior management and staff


Process weaknesses identified and countermeasures developed


Transparency added based on data analyses and improvement potential computed


Countermeasures put into action jointly with local client staff members for testing purposes


Review board discussions moderated and client decisions facilitated