Generating Distinctive Knowledge on How to Achieve Profitable Corporate Growth


Pressure on European companies to expand and fulfill their growth expectations due to an increasing relevance of the capital market perspective resulting in a soaring number of growth projects


Special opportunities for growth due to an advanced European integration


Clear gap between the aspirations and the actually pursued strategies and entrepreneurial culture at many large corporations


New emerging international growth initiatives launched by various consultancies and increasing releases of respective books and other publications


Need to systematically expand and promote one’s own competence and reputation in the area of growth

Problem-Solving Approach

Improving the understanding of the need to grow and identifying the value-creating potential of growth:

Developing a better understanding of the (industry-specific) growth drivers and identifying generic growth strategies:

Determining viable growth strategies


Developing a comprehensive and specific growth consulting framework by categorizing frameworks, tools, etc. according to industrial specifics and companies’ situation


Real-world case studies identified, edited, and filed in case library


Lessons learnt derived and documented


Concepts along the following topics developed:

Materials for knowledge transfer compiled


Internal knowledge network established