Automotive & Mobility

Implementing a Program to Improve the Performance of Car Dealerships


Aiding an international top-tier consultancy in rolling out a program geared to professionalize a premium carmaker’s retail network further—with a clear focus on the following objectives:

  • Increasing the number of new cars sold
  • Improving car dealers’ profitability
  • Realizing short-term impact (over 2 to 4 months)
  • Entrenching the achieved improvements in a long-lasting manner
Problem-Solving Approach

Helping the consulting team of an international top-tier consultancy and the regional/area sales managers on wholesale level on-site in the field:

  • (Continuously) identifying areas of improvement and market potentials
  • Defining, agreeing on, and adjusting pragmatic measures and optimizing the core processes at car dealerships respectively, e.g.
  • Approaching after-sales customers systematically
  • Leading the sales force in a structured manner
  • Optimizing the acquisition of commercial and business customers
  • Optimizing local marketing activities
  • Supporting the implementation of the measures steadily and providing best-practice examples
  • Quantitatively controlling the implementation and the impact of the measures on an ongoing basis

Program rolled out at ca. 180 dealerships over the course of 2 out of 3 waves


Regular support of regional/area sales managers stronger orientated towards the definition and implementation of concrete measures


Relevant key performance indicators significantly improved along the sales funnel:

  • Number of (qualified) customer contacts
  • Number of face-to-face conversations with (potential) customers and test drives
  • Number of quotations
  • Number of new cars sold