Automotive & Mobility

Managing the ‘Product & Process Quality’ for a Passenger-Car Maker


Need to ensure the systematical and structured execution of the program—from the identification of measures to the repeatedly continued, i.e. sustainable, application of the quality processes and their results in all relevant product lines


Advancement and strengthening of the network model in order to ensure the success of the program—even after its completion


Assurance of the accepted and planned long-term reduction in warranty costs for all quality-related projects and processes

Problem-Solving Approach

Ensuring and increasing the previously agreed warranty benefit  for the quality-related projects that were already cleared and transferred into the line organization:

Generating suggestions on improvements and benefit proliferations:

Running workshops in order to detail and further develop recommendations regarding improvements of practices and benefit increases


Documenting and handing over:

Project management office (PMO)


Reviewed as-is practices and variances depicted


Propositions on improvements of practices and benefit increases pointed out


Required changes in the ‘generic’ processes documented in writing (electronically) and handed over to the relevant process owners and offices


Results filed in the ‘sustainability cockpit’ and ‘benefit monitor’