Automotive & Mobility

Optimizing the Lent-Employee Deployment According to German Labor Law


A high number of contracts currently awarded to external companies, predominantly engineering-service providers, by the R&D department—resulting in …

Problem-Solving Approach

Consolidating and validating an overview on the current and planned awarding of contracts


Developing a plan to massively reduce the bound lent employees


Working out concepts and conducting follow ups on the taken measures incl. handing over the activities to the client organization


Supporting the various R&D departments of the client in reorganizing their work and designing concepts for lending employees that are fully in line with the current German labor law—in close collaboration with the experts of a prestigious law firm


Reduction plan developed and with all relevant departments in the R&D resort aligned and backed up with transferable and legally approved concepts incl. specific premises and guidelines


Deadlines and responsibilities defined for the staggered roadmap to reduce the number of lent employees


Meanwhile the reduction of the number of lent workers executed and almost completed