Automotive & Mobility

Optimizing the Operational Sales Processes at a Sports-Car OEM


Increase in sales effectiveness:

  • Meeting the ambitious sales, price and revenue targets
  • Raising the repurchase rate
  • Optimizing the price structure between new and used company cars and improving the residual-value stability

Increase in sales efficiency:

  • Laying the basis for new growth through new vehicle projects
  • Allocating the resources within the sales organization on OEM and wholesale level according to functional requirements—taking a rationalizing target of 10% as a basis
Problem-Solving Approach

Developing a process model across all sales levels


Preparing the project and compiling the project definition


Analyzing the as-is situation:

  • Conducting rough analyses to identify and prioritize weaknesses along the as-is processes
  • Analyzing the prioritized weaknesses in detail
  • Recording the bounded capacity (as is) in full-time equivalents (FTE) in order to determine the base line for the computation of the rationalization target in absolute numbers

Shaping the to-be organization:

  • Working out concepts and approaches in order to overcome the prioritized weaknesses and pooling them into action fields/bundles of measures
  • Defining the to-be processes
  • Deriving the organizational structure (to be)
  • Allocating capacity to the to-be organization

Preparing the implementation and developing an action plan incl. dates, responsibilities, budgets, etc.

Supporting the implementation:

  • Communicating on a regular basis
  • Controlling taken actions
  • Controlling effects

8 out of 18 action fields prioritized


Sales-network development organizationally separated from the sales operations (new department established)


Processes and the remaining organizational structure adapted to the to-be concepts


Significant increase in effectiveness in the form of additional contribution margins considered in re-worked target agreements of the relevant directors and additional capacity created by efficiency improvements