Automotive & Mobility

Optimizing the Wholesale and Retail Network of a Premium Carmaker


Preparing for the additional sales volume according to the medium- and long-term planning—especially coming from new compact-car models and the market growth in this segment


What best practices regarding sales approaches/concepts and efficiency can car dealers learn from their—not directly competing—peers and from successful players in other industries?

Problem-Solving Approach

Analyzing and editing best practices shown by top-notch car dealers


Identifying, running detailed analyses, and editing best-practice examples from other industry sectors (e.g. with respect to ways of increasing the showroom traffic)


Identifying key success factors resulting in outstanding sales figures


Assessing detailing the transferability to automotive wholesale and retail operations—with main focus on …


Successful sales approaches and concepts—developed by leading national sales companies, importers, and dealerships as well as by sales professionals in other industries—identified and edited


Key success factors derived from best practices and assessed on their importance


Transferability of the reviewed approaches and concepts evaluated and specified with respect to their applicability to automotive sales


Action plan developed