Automotive & Mobility

Preparing Case Studies on Current Standards and Best Practices for Selling High-End Luxury Cars Throughout the Customer Journey


The client, an international car manufacturer with a portfolio of several brands, is preparing to offer a luxury car model as a limited edition image carrier


Therefore, this automaker is interested in understanding current standards and best practices for selling high-end luxury cars across the entire customer journey


To this end, case studies are to be prepared on models of passenger cars that are marketed as limited editions

Problem-Solving Approach

Defining and coordinating the approach and methodology (e.g., interview guide), as well as jointly determining the limited-edition models to be considered in the case studies


Conducting extensive research and analyzing secondary data


Supplementing the secondary data with 2 to 3 semi-structured interviews with international experts per case study


Preparing comprehensive case study reports and discussing the results with the client’s team


Results from secondary and primary data collection synthesized and presented graphically


Case studies for the distribution of the selected limited editions developed and discussed with the client in meetings of approximately 2 hours each