Automotive & Mobility

Preparing the Fast-Track Rollout of a Connectivity and Telematics Strategy


How can the present internal initiatives regarding connectivity services and electro-mobility with a limited focus on a few core markets be internationally integrated and leveraged?


According to what criteria shall the markets be prioritized for being considered for the rollout?

What actions should be taken in markets that are not included in the rollout planning?


How can markets with a low priority be supported in accelerating the self-reliant implementation of the connectivity strategy (e.g. through providing a standardized approach)?

Problem-Solving Approach

Setting the strategic premises:

  • Defining the key requirements from the headquarters’ perspective
  • Eliciting the country-specific circumstances and the current status of the relevant local initiatives

Developing a rollout concept for a selected pilot country:

  • Establishing a criteria catalog for prioritizing the markets
  • Selecting the pilot country
  • Deducing the rollout concept
  • Implementing the concept in the pilot market

Defining a standardized rollout process:

  • Assimilating and analyzing the lessons learnt from the pilot in a structured way
  • Developing an overall strategy across all markets regarding every connectivity and electro-mobility initiatives incl. configuring the respective value chains
  • Establishing regional hubs in order to pool the activities if required

Strategic premises set


Criteria for the selection of a pilot country determined


Initiative integrated in the ‘regular’ rollout plan at the heart of the corporate program due to the supreme importance of a strategic unification with the current focus markets