Automotive & Mobility

Preparing the Fast-Track Rollout of a Connectivity and Telematics Strategy


How can the present internal initiatives regarding connectivity services and electro-mobility with a limited focus on a few core markets be internationally integrated and leveraged?


According to what criteria shall the markets be prioritized for being considered for the rollout?

What actions should be taken in markets that are not included in the rollout planning?


How can markets with a low priority be supported in accelerating the self-reliant implementation of the connectivity strategy (e.g. through providing a standardized approach)?

Problem-Solving Approach

Setting the strategic premises:

Developing a rollout concept for a selected pilot country:

Defining a standardized rollout process:


Strategic premises set


Criteria for the selection of a pilot country determined


Initiative integrated in the ‘regular’ rollout plan at the heart of the corporate program due to the supreme importance of a strategic unification with the current focus markets

March 2021

‘Best Management Consultants 2021’: T. K. Hamann among the top 3 consultancies for sales, after sales, and CRM

The 2021 ranking ‘Beste Unternehmensberater [Best Management Consultants]’ by the German business magazine brand eins and the business data portal Statista has just been published.


T. K. Hamann takes a top position in this with a shared second place in the field of ‘Sales, After Sales, CRM’.  In addition, we are honored for the sector ‘Auto & Suppliers’ and the functional area ‘Strategy Development’.


We are grateful to all our clients, the entire team, and business partners who have worked with us since our founding in late 2016.  Together, we will continue to consequently pursue quality leadership in our disciplines.

For this year’s ranking, 2,334 colleagues determined the best management consultancies according to their perception by industry and functional practice area.  Subsequently, assessments were obtained from the clients.  For this purpose, 1,100 senior executives were provided with a list of the recommended consultancies for each industry and work area clients via online survey; another 234 senior executives (Head of Strategy, Head of Business Development, etc.) from DAX, M-DAX, S-DAX and Tec-DAX companies were specifically invited to participate in the survey.