Automotive & Mobility

Preparing the Process Benchmarking of Two Commercial-Vehicle OEMs


How to prepare the future assessment of value levers by creating a homogenous basis of comparison with respect to the process landscapes and performance prior to the merger of two commercial-vehicle manufacturers?


How to evaluate the current performance capability and to identify stand-alone improvements?

Problem-Solving Approach

Defining the methodology:

  • Developing a joint methodology leveraging proven approaches and tools
  • Coordinating the approach with the merger partner—only regarding methodological issues

Finding relevant facts/information:

  • Harmonizing the process model and identify the proportion of value added
  • Mapping capacity (in FTE) onto processes, functions, and products
  • Analyzing process KPIs
  • Conducting function-specific analyses (e.g. material cost, investments in R&D and production)

Planning of the following phases incl. determining the milestones and activities for …

  • Identifying the key value drivers (synergies, stand-alone improvements):
  • Objectively benchmarking of core processes, capacity, and KPIs
  • Comparing the cost and revenue structures
  • Developing a mutual vision, joint initiatives and an implementation plan

Approach and methodology to prepare the benchmarking defined and aligned on both sides


Process landscapes, bound capacity, and process KPIs independently of one another ascertained and documented


Activities of the following phases—after the competition authorities’ approval—contrived


Merger successfully accomplished in the meantime