Media & Entertainment

Preparing the Strategic Transformation Program at an Entertainment Group


Transferring two thirds of the existing businesses or subsidiaries into a business unit ‘Entertainment’—organized along the core areas ‘Content’, ‘(Digital) Reach’, and ‘Monetization’


Improving the management and coordination within the business unit ‘Entertainment’ based on a future operating model


Successfully completing the planning and budgeting process for the coming year in the light of the strategic reorganization


Ensuring the successful execution in the near term, especially securing the strict adherence to the financial plan (P&L statement)

Problem-Solving Approach

Structuring the planned P&L statement along the various types of business and assisting line managers with the definition and scheduling of measures


Defining and setting up implementation roadmaps incl. milestones and establishing a central system in order to track the degree of completion and actual impact of each and every measure


Informing regularly the ‘CFO Entertainment’ and further relevant stakeholders (e.g. ‘Entertainment Board’, board of directors and supervisory board) regarding progress and results of the program


Analyzing the as-is structure of the corporate group


Conducting comprehensive conversations about managers’ expectations on the type of management control and financial contributions of the entertainment businesses


New structure for the P&L statement developed and backed with concrete actions along the core areas


Measures to secure the budget scheduled:

Prerequisites created for a monthly reporting on implementation progress and financial success (e.g. scorecard, well-structured information to the ‘Entertainment Board’)


A perspective on the future transformation of the business unit ‘Entertainment’ developed