Automotive & Mobility

Reorganizing the Key-Account and Direct-Trade Business for a Leading Car Brand


What processes and organizational structure are ideal for being successful in the key-account and direct-trade business and—as measured by the potential profit contribution?

Problem-Solving Approach

Analyzing and making the established organizational concept plausible:

  • Roughly segmenting the key accounts and direct customers
  • Describing the core processes by customer segments
  • Contrasting the processes and organizational structure with best practices
  • Anticipating future requirements
  • Enhancing the concept by interviewing typical customers
  • Identifying weaknesses and deriving/prioritizing actions based on the need for action

Designing the to-be organization:

  • Documenting the to-be processes
  • Developing different options for the organizational structure
  • Evaluating the options and selecting the favorite options
  • Planning the required capacity and resources
  • Specifying the internal and external interfaces
  • Identifying further levers for effectiveness and efficiency improvements

To-be processes defined by customer segments


Organizational structure (to be) derived and backed with capacity/resources